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travelling to oslo

This journey is in February 2013. I was having an appointment with the embassy for a new passport of mine (btw, I am really happy for this part, because for once in my life my passport will be labelled as ‘made in Embassy of Indonesia in Oslo’, not Immigration office Indonesia :)) ). I had 2 days to look around all the notable place in here. First of all, after having been travelling to some cities in Europe, I would like to say Oslo is my favorite one. The population is not too crowd, transportation is very good (bus, train, commuter, mass rapid transport), the environment is really enjoyable (especially water, this one actually in all area of Norway, I guess they have the best water tap on earth!)

The thing about travelling, I want to visit some place that is really new to me. That is why I had my plan to visit 3 places there and I would like to say it is ‘a must’ to visit these if you ever have a plan to go to Oslo. First place is Holmenkollen. It is a very large ski area for skiing competition (I don’t know in particular about skiing, but every international ski competition is usually held here). I am lucky I visit Oslo still at its snow season. Even though there is no event at that time, enjoying being in a place that would never be existed in my home country is the pleasure I like when I visit this place.

Second place is the Ice Bar in the middle of the city. I know by googling about this bar, where not only norway have it, but also almost every 4 season country have it. The place is really awesome. All the things inside are made of ice, even the utensils (glasses and stuff)

Last one (of course not the least) is Vigeland Park. This is a great park with human statues spread all over the place. The special thing about this place is the various expressions of the human statue, both in individual or groups, even in naked. This is a very good place if you want to make funny pictures.

There are other interesting places in Oslo besides my suggestions.  Nobel Peace Price Museum, Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum are one of them. If you have a chance to visit this city, I suggest you put them on your list.