About Rifel

The name is Rifel. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, a developing country, in dragon year and aries month. He is the star of the earth in the galaxy of Milky way (^_*)

My childhood was spent in Bekasi (West Java) with my parents and my two brothers. Interesting thing about the name of this blog, it is the mixed name of my parents.

Born to be Bataknese, but my full name is not sound like this ethnic. Rifel Landong Pordiman. He was thinking (and you may also think as he does) his first name was taken from one of English word ‘rifle’, but it was not. It is from one of the famous football in Brazil, Rivelinho. That is why he always supports this team in every World Cup and someday he would like to visit Brazil (then maybe meet with his former owner name).

I like swimming, travelling, watching football match (and also playing that sport), and sometimes jogging. The most favourite football team is Juventus, the famous one in Italy.

This blog is representing some of the idea, experience, and journey of Rifel’s life.