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thrift is a great revenue

Life is full of things need to be fulfilled with money. Each person has its own lifestyle. Several unique ways to gain money can be done by doing a thrift.

Some tips you can do to gain your revenue by thrifting is:

  • Go to traditional market, instead of going to supermarket. This is really helping for saving money, especially when we have to do weekly or monthly shopping for daily needs.
  • Pottery barn is a very nice place to find a cheap high quality things.
  • Instead of putting it in a bowl, can, or other place that not meant to be lived for ‘them’, don’t forget to use coins to spend for transportation or buying some snacks.
  • Bring our own water bottle to have our own tea, coffee, or cold beverage. No need the bigger one, just one plain size that can save our thirsty during the journey.
  • Use our own plastic bag for buying things or shopping. Depending on the country, some places charge its own plastic bag in the grocery stores. Do this because it will not only save the money, but also the environment.
  • Blood donor tri-monthly, this is good for health, especially blood circulation. Every time we have our blood rendered, we will have our meal for free. Even though it is only once in three months, this is also good for saving our money.

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