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Friends or HIMYM ?

who doesn’t know these sitcoms ??

Many people think both has a similar character
Barney is similar to Joey
Chandler is similar to Marshall
Monica to Lily
Rachel to Robin
Ted to Ross
only Phoebe in Friends does not have her ‘doppelganger’

They can guess this thing as similar since this sitcoms has the same theme, FRIENDSHIP.

I personally see it differently. HIMYM is more like a funny drama with its focus on Ted give a story telling to his children about his love story, whilst
Friends is a very funny daily story of a group of friends in their circle of life. It is not focusing on one character. They have equal story of each character life wrapped in a very good scene.

friends vs himym

I like Friends better than HIMYM. I think it is more like a real imagination of friends group should be. All the silliness, laughter, drama, and happiness is just really perfect. One of the scheme must have been experienced by us, true story.

Joey taught me to be a true friend, Chandler taught me to laugh at my problems, Ross taught me to never let your love one go, Rachel taught me to be brave and independent, Phoebe taught me it is ok to be my self, and Monica taught me the value of discipline.

This is the best sitcoms ever!

Small vote poll is presented here. Feel free if you have any thought for these 2 famous tv shows.



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2 thoughts on “Friends or HIMYM ?

  1. I’m with you on that. I am a huge fan of both shows. I think HIMYM focuses more on love with friendship in the background whereas Friends is literally about friendship and there just happens to be love in there.

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